PARTY PEST - Uninvited

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Party Pest features ex-The Reprobettes members Jemma Jives (drums & vox) and Sally Balhorn (guitar & vox) alongside bass player Julia Watt (Moody Beaches, La Bastard, Hot Wings) and Kate Alexander on synth (Ute Root, The Hot Blood).

Unpredictable and chaotic, Party Pest is influenced by artists such as The Slits, ESG, Kleenex, The Cure and The B52’s. On Uninvited, Party Pest channel post-punk irreverence, blending discordant melodies, jangly guitar hooks, wild primal drumbeats, big bold bass grooves and synthesised sonic mayhem into a celebration of life as they know it.

Anything can and does happen when Party Pest play so strap in for a wild ride whether you’re invited or not. When the glitter settles, the Ajax’s been snorted and your Mum’s been pashed, wipe the love dust from your eyes and check your bathtub.


  • In the Shadows
  • Happy Man
  • Hex
  • Lamington
  • Jon

  • Every Single Day
  • I Can Do Better
  • Witch
  • Buried Treasure
  • Mean

Official Release Date: 19th April 2024 // Sortie officielle : 19 Avril 2024