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Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea


After way too long Belle Phoenix finally steps out of the shadows and exposes, “The Glorious Dead”.
This is her long anticipated album that’s taken snapshots of her journey from Australia via New York and UK to a Finland resident exploring her next challenge. Belle’s forte is collecting musicians and spring boarding her honest songwriting with a chosen few band members that weave their influences into time using themes inspired by an investigation into the stories of war, politics, dead-end jobs, failed relationships, and clairvoyant dreams.
The Glorious Dead began in New York. Belle was residing in Sydney, she jumped at the chance to work with Mark Plati (Lou Reed/Bowie) leaving behind Australia’s, 40 degree days, plunging into a N.Y. winter and recording at Alice’s Restaurant where she and Mark worked to capture Belle’s vision. From these sessions emerged Livin’ Life Blues, Dead Inside! (Lost the dance), Maker Of The Man (inspired by camping in the Nevada Desert) and The Glorious Dead.
A return home to Sydney, teaming with Trent Marden (The Holy Soul) brought a dark-country vibe, to Soul Killers. Dancing All The Time, & New York City was Belle’s first attempt at producing the tracks at Australia’s iconic Albert Music Studio, home of AC/DC.
Always looking for fresh influences and sounds she headed to the UK where she played shows on a regular basis at almost every venue they had.
She held down two part time jobs at a laundrette and a burger place but found herself homeless after returning from the NXNE festival in Toronto, where she played shows at Cherry Cola’s and The Great Hall.
With few options Melbourne Australia, became Belle’s next base after meeting Melbourne guitarist, Osker Bickford in London who had played for Tomorrow People and Brian Henry Hooper (Beasts of Bourbon).
They recruited Tim O’Shannassy on Drums (Brian Hooper, Paradise Motel, Penny Ikinger) and Andrew McCubbin on Bass for live shows and with the end in sight the band was christened, ‘Belle Phoenix and The Subterranean Sea’ described by Belle as spawned out of the alchemical, subconscious creative processes which reflect a cathartic, spontaneous capture of inspiration.

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