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DATE BANDS VENUE CITY PRICE 5 mars 2020 CANNON FODDER + JOHNNY MONTREUIL Salle des Saulnières LE MANS 7 mars 2020 DRUIDS OF THE GUE CHARETTE Black Shelter NANTES 1er avril 2020 Binic Folks Blues Festival 2020:PARLOR SNAKEREDGUADAL TEJAZ Ubu RENNES 11 avril 2020 CANNON FODDER La Baleine Déshydratée QUIMPER 12 avril 2020 CANNON FODDER […]

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All The Way With Spencer P. Jones

Spencer P. Jones - All The Way

A Tribute to Spencer P. Jones, here’s a project we’ve been working on for years. Finally, it will be released as a double LP (gatefold cover, printed cover, poster in 60 x60 cm format, beautiful photos of Spencer signed Emmy Etié, Garry Hallenan and Liz Reed), including a very limited edition of white vinyls. Spencer […]

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Concerts passés (2022) / Past Beast gigs

Les concerts Beast de 2022 // Past live shows from 2022 DATE GROUPES / BANDS LIEU VILLE PRIX 19 Février 2022 CROCODILE BOOGIE La Grange à Bière ST PIERRE DES LANDES 09 Mars 2022 REPTILES L’International PARIS 12 Mars 2022 DRUIDS OF THE GUE CHARETTECLOUD FACTORY La Fontaine ST PERAN 16 Mars 2022 REPTILES Paloma […]

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Beast Records is on Bandcamp

Beast Records CD Sampler 2019

Beast Records is now on Bandcamp so you can listen to some sold out records and even more! Beast Records – Sampler 2019 – BR290 by Beast Records

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Stay safe, stay home, listen to Beast Records…

Stay safe satay home listen to Beast Records

Inutile de dire qu’étant donné le merdier ambiant, on a un paquet de disques dont les sorties – et les concerts qui vont avec – se retrouvent reportés à on ne sait pas trop quand… Le business des troubadours du rock’n’roll et toute l’économie qui tourne autour est à l’arrêt mais Beast Records n’aura pas […]

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50% discount on Beast Cds!

50% discount on Beast Cds

Only 5 € for a CD ! Free shipping if you order 4 records! Just use this promo code: BEASTCDFOR5E Available until the 31st of october 2019.

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Binic Folks Blues Festival 2019!

Binic Folks Blues Festival 2019

3 days of free gigs in front of the sea! 40 bands, 52 shows! 26th, 27th and 28th of july, save the dates! 13 Beast bands, mostly aussie bands: Shifting Sands, Draught Dodgers, Burn In Hell, St. Morris Sinners, The Kill Devil Hills, Mod Con, Moody Beaches. But not only! Margaret Airplaneman (from Mr Airplane […]

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