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Guadal Tejaz

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Fascinated by Mesoamerican culture, Guadal Tejaz has decanted its psychedelic garage rock to keep only a powerful krautrock precipitate with a taste of mezcal on this second album. Heavy, intense, sharp, crossed by larsens and electric drones, its post-punk with toxic effluences struggles in a dark, bilious and worrying noise mud. In the middle of this black and dirty mass, ordered by the bass-drums duo, emerges the violently inhabited voice of the singer and guitarist Morgan.
The group reveals us its recipe of Chili Con Carnage for 4 persons:
– 500g of krautrock
– 200g of noise
– a good chopped punk
– 175g of peeled fuzz
– 66 tbsp of Guadal sauce (muy picoso!)
Then just fry it all in lots of fat, sprinkle with peyote and it’s ready!

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