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Psycho Mutants

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Formed in the early 2000’s in Pécs, Southern Hungary, Psycho Mutants is a cult underground band in their country. They owe this status to three things: the power of their stage performances, the charismatic personality of their singer, and that bass-baritone voice from beyond the grave, able to jump four octaves if necessary.

Musically, Psycho Mutants is nothing we have ever listened to before: a mutation of music we’ve only felt, not just heard: rock’n’roll so intense it could have been played by Hank Williams if he’d been raised in the Carpathians, drunk on Palinka.

Their influences are as diverse as Crime and the City Solution or Gallon Drunk, Jack The Ripper and The Gun Club. But the Magyar band is not just handling guitars. The addition of a trumpet, a keyboard, an accordion or a baritone sax to the line-up doesn’t scare them one bit, giving this particular taste to their sound, which leaves nobody indifferent.

Seven years after the success of “Baby Burn” (Volvox/PIAS), the Western Voodoo R’n’R combo is back with a mature album, “Motherland”, discovered by Beast Records shortly after it was recorded. “Motherland” includes dark country ballads, monotone psychedelic melodies as well as garage tunes, laid on a moody, atmospheric, blues-based aesthetic.

Listening to the album will make you want to see them play live, which they say, is well worth your time.

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