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Public Display Of Affection

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For the voyeur in all of us, PDOA (Public Display of Affection) have arrived. Madeleine Rose, Lewis Lloyd, Anton Remy and Jesper Munk. Coming off a hot streak of touring, they have unleashed their Debut EP, and now gearing up to campaign the band’s Debut Album ‘I Still Care.’

Playing their part in keeping Germany’s capital weird, PDOA’s live shows hark back to the fearless eccentricity explored by the Berlin performance art and music collectives of the 1980’s. The music reflects these same feelings of willful abandon, twisting and turning, one minute slow and slinky, the next full on post-punk assault.

What PDOA guarantee is an act of near zen like non duality, hittin’ that golden ratio between the soulful and the sinful.

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