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That’s not a knife. Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands are a knife. From the hip pocket slides the handle, luminescent mother of pearl scales riveted to silver. The years and tears of patina add to its beauty, wind up its menace.
Then like electrons pulsing down a chord comes the blade.


It appears and you feel it’s sting then the velvet warmth it leaves in its wake and you think to yourself “If this is it…then I want more”.

Let the anticipation finish you. Submit to the Shimmering Hands. We’re here to help you cross over.

Australia’s Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands formed, Ship of Theseus style, from the remnants of sultry rock and roll group Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side (sporting a strong family resemblance to blood-soaked amphetamine swamp-rock stalwarts SixFtHick). With new crew, new songs and new focus, they bring you a blistering live show and their genre-defying album “BRUT”.

The themes of BRUT range from a fraught, taught exploration of the broken bodies, hearts and minds of our capitalist hellscape (“Spices”) to wailing rock and roll eulogies (“De Bliksem”, “No Encore”), a drifting death-country ode to colonialism (“Five Stars”) to bloody kitchen sink drama (“Tactical Empathy”).

Gentle Ben and His Shimmering Hands are:-

Gentle Ben Corbett – vocals
Tony Giacca – guitars
Dan Baebler – bass
Jhindu Pedro-Lawrie – drums, percussion


  • De Bliksem
  • Spices
  • Five Stars
  • Tactical Empathy
  • My Career

  • Murder Rehearsal
  • Good Leaf
  • Cover to Cover (Dear Dolly)
  • The Leech
  • No Encore

Official Release Date: 3rd of May 2024 // Sortie officielle : 3 Mai 2024