LONG HOURS - Wayward Serenades


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Long Hours has been coined as being lofi,nowave, synth punk croon-core, gothdoowop with a relentless live show inspired by frontmen such as David Yow (the Jesus lizard) JG Thirlwell (Foetus) Alan Vega (suicide). Long hours has performed up & down the east coast of Australia countless times and has toured japan twice. He has also released 27 albums in the space of 3 years.


  • One Man Gang
  • Life Song
  • It’ll Be My Practice Girl
  • Rebel Devil Girl
  • A Ghost to You
  • No More Advice
  • Grey Floor
  • Casanova Cretin

  • Ghost Lover
  • In Black
  • Not Lonely
  • Whitehorse
  • Tank Top
  • Poster
  • Modern Expert
  • Death Wish