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Margaret Airplaneman


Margaret Airplaneman is the guitar/singing half of the duo Mr. Airplane Man — a band that blends hypnotic blues, haunting slide guitar, and idiosyncratic rock and roll with dreamy girlgroup melodies.

Mr. Airplane Man has toured with bands like Holly Golightly, Reigning Sound, JSBX, Detroit Cobras, White Stripes, The Gories, Morphine and Kid Congo.

Mr. Airplane Man’s music has also been featured in a variety of TV shows, films, and skate videos, including multiple episodes of The L Word and the film Crazy Eyes.

A few years ago, Margaret moved to the West Coast and began exploring solo performance, experimenting with a loop pedal to create layered melodies over which she could play leads on her cigar box guitar.

A mishmosh of drone blues in the tradition of Jessie Mae Hemphill and Fred McDowell, the fuzzy rock n roll of the Velvets and Stooges, and love of Tuareg and Gnawa music, Margaret Airplaneman is at once a continuation of and new direction for Mr. Airplane Man’s sound, taking listeners on a dreamy journey propelled by gritty psych blues guitar.

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